My heart is tearing…**RIP** …I look into your face filled with the look of betrayal **RIP**your lips are covered with a thick coating of goodbyes **RIP ** I open my fingers to let the pieces of my heart fall to your feet, then I turn and walk away. Looking over my shoulder I cringe as I watch you walk over the pieces of my heart…my chest begins to burn and my heart gives up…sinking slowly to my death I close my eyes and whisper “I truly love you.”

Natty ODou


Just Saying #9

I’m not her!
Her walk lead you to a rocky path, her music turned your words to lava with a different kind of spark. I’m not her.
I skip to a different tune and jump to a different beat, can’t you see I’m not her? So if my skip becomes a stroll that she may have stole or my jump reminds you of a joke she told, just remember my dear, I’m still not her.

Natty ODou