Next Lifetime…. 

​I will be your Queen and you my King… I will be in your arms again.. until then I will live  my peasants life, visiting you only in my dreams….reliving every moment  of your smile, your kiss, your touch… Until then I will cling to the notion of a next lifetime…. 

I will wait for you in my dreams because my heart will forever be open to you my King, now and always. 

Natty ODou


OwNing the word FAg ;-)


Fearless…I boldly walk with my head held high apologizing for nothing and hiding my colors from no one.

Ambitious…I have survived years of hatred and persecution from those who refused to accept my being, rising above the towers of masses and commanding my own energy. 

Gift…I am the gift that was given to this world of simplicity and naivety I am the gift that was bestowed on you to remind you that we are all different yet the same so when you shout the word FAG in my direction I will not wither away or war against your inanity…I know who I am and I embrace myself. 

Natty ODou