Like clockwork the routine never changes…

Tic you wake,

Tic work,

Tic clean,

Tic scream…

You smile but feel no joy, then awake but feel no peace…

With your heart in turmoil and mind at war, your body is tired and ready to fall…

You are STRONG! they chant…. but what is strength? A way to move on to the next day without giving in?

To feel peace again is all you ask, joy will come once your heart is masked….

so you wait…tic tic tic…

 Natty ODou




Tick tock, tick tock, the hands of life travels slowly around the clock…

Tick tock, tick tock, live love laugh and gay, if we are lucky that’s the time it will display…

Tick tock, tick tock, move faster my love before it stops…

Tick tock, tick tock, live your life without fear, evade the drop…

Tick tock, tick tock, the life cycle of humans are annotated by the knock.

Natty ODou


Do you really think that our roads are the same?
…your road was paved with untainted tar, the obstacles of life were uprooted and your vision was enhanced by the carefully installed light poles of guidance.

…my road was never maintained, it was left with the many potholes of life. The light that was left to lead you simply does not exist on mine. My road has always been dark… where I was left to stumble, hoping to find my way to a peaceful destination.

So don’t judge me by using your road as a guide, we all travel different parts in life. Move over and let me complete my journey because in the end, this plight is my struggle… it is my fight.

Natty ODou.



I begin to forget as I sit here drowning myself in this red river, thinking about how I was brought to this place of unrest, indecisiveness, pain and contempt…
…I’m drowning to relieve the pressure in my heart and forget…
…let me drown so I can forget where I am, let me drown so I can wallow in the fog…
…reaching for my fifth bottle of red wine I stopped in midair, my head sinking deeper into the river… I’m drowning.

Natty Odou

Racing wiTH LifE


…yes i know it is hard, but why settle for second place when you can be first? you’ll rather hide your face in the dark when you can shine in the light?

Why run away and hide when you can stand up and fight? then wither and  die instead of living to grow…crying tears of regret when u can begin laughing because there is still hope?

…yes crossing the finish line can be hard, but you have already begun the struggle so why give up now?

Natty Odou