The crows are coming they want your life,

The crows are coming this very night.

They ask that you accept your fate,

They ask that you open the gate.

The crows are wise they know your thoughts, they know the code to break your heart.

Don’t be afraid there’re not to blame, take note of their shadows, we’re all the same.

Natty ODou.


SaVe mE


The door was locked when I arrived beaten and lost…with bleeding hands I pounded the solid oak hoping for help…but no one came….stumbling through the dark I crawled to the next door which  was slightly ajar, so I pushed while screaming for help… the door became stuck…and then I noticed a shadow in the dim light… sticking my torn  hand through the gap, I begged for help…but the shadow disappeared… knowing that I can go no further I withdrew my hand as I withdrew myself, into myself thinking, only I can save me…

Natty ODou

Death… Short story

I was trapped a corner on the stairwell, sixth floor. Bullets tore through my body from his AK47 as I sank down to the floor, dead. Strangely, I somehow willed my sprit to remain in my dead body. Lifting my head I saw him looking at me in terror, gun still in his hand and pointed at my chest. As he emptied his barrel into my body I looked at him and laughed. Pushing the gun away I stood then looked down at my body and smiled.

 I can walk, talk and speak but I feel nothing. My body is just a hard shell. How can this be? How can I be dead but still able to exist in my body? The thought exhilarated me.  My head rose to his sudden outburst of tears. “Why don’t you just run?” I asked. But the look in his eyes told me that he was frozen in terror. He could not move even if he tried.

I walked up to him with a sweet smile on my face, softly touched his cheeks and whispered “I love you.” I then slowly reached down to his shoulders, held both his arms and tore them off tossing them aside as he screamed and fainted in agony.  I then bent, grabbed his leg and lifted him with ease. He looked like a rag doll, weightless to me. I then began swinging his body forward and backwards like one would a golf club, and then I slammed his body into the ground, back and forth again and again smashing his head into the ground until only the neck remained.

Laughing and skipping like a child, I carelessly tossed the rest of his body aside then looked for the exit.

Natty ODou


I’m use to it…

I’m use to it…At times the silence is deafening but it has now become my companion…

I’m use to it…The cold is numbing but my heart no longer yearns for the warmth of you…

My bed is a coffin of wonder where I dream of things I may never see, a red sky  with falling bones and clouds of rotting flesh…I’m use to it…

I live in the comfort of my own world where my imagination and my dreams are my pacifier…would you not join us?

I smile as I listen to myself converse while listening to those beautiful soothing melodies we so love to sing…I’m use to it…The many sides of me, the good the bad, the loving, the beautiful, the hated and the ugly…I’m use to it…I’m use to being me.

 Natty ODou


Pouring down, blood rain is pouring down…I turn my face towards the sky to taste the sweet nectar on my tongue….smiling as I remembered the cause of this joyous occasion…your pain, my hands… your bleeding heart in my palm of my hands…rain is pouring down…blood rain is pouring down.

Natty ODou


I hate you, every time I see you I become sick to my stomach, you are like a plague that refuse to leave, you’re a sore that hurts when I least expect it, like a virus that shows no mercy killing everything in its path.

I hate you, you have ruined my life and my dreams…now you take the one thing that my heart desires the most…my saNity. I hate you, I would be rid of you… I would be rid of you even if it means that I suffer for awhile longer.

I hate you and soon you will be out of my life forever…my Demon.

Natty ODou

Flowing ReD


After 12 enthralling hours of sculpting she decided to take a walk around grand central station looking for inspiration. After a few moments, she randomly found him walking in the crowd with luscious red hair pulled back into a ponytail.  She was taken by his natural beauty and in turn he was smitten by her charm…after several weeks of courting he agreed to be the model for her new piece… 

 …on that special morning they awoke in each other’s arms wrapped in her white silken sheets, it was time for the art of sculpting to begin…

…she advised him that he would need to remain nude and perfectly still in the position of her choosing…he agreed. At that time, she led him to the middle of her bedroom floor, and then walked towards her closet, opening her doors to display a multitude of art supplies instead of clothes.

After retrieving what she needed from her supplies, she returned to his side  positioning him to stand with his red hair loose and flowing over his right shoulder, face turned slightly towards his left and  arms slightly bent at the elbows, with palms turned up reaching towards the heavens…

…smiling he looked at her in wonder, anxious to see the statue that will mirror his beauty….(to be continued)

Natty Odou