We are all we have, we are all we know, we are all we need….

When our hearts bleed for hope and justice, when our brains scream for the clarification of injustice….we turn to eachother, we turn to our brothers and sisters for STRENGTH, for HEALING, for HOPE….

When tears run dry and hopes are shattered we look up to our God our ansestors our spiritual entity .…Whoever we pray too or see as our savior we cry to you and we pray for PEACE. One Love.

Natty ODou.




You asked me to change
You’re holding us back you said…
You asked me to change for the better so I did…
You said be more compassionate, so I became a humanitarian,
…be more domestically inclined, so I became a maid,
…open up to your inner sexual beast, so I became a pornstar,
…be spontaneous, so I asked you to be my wife.

Yet with all these changes the list keeps growing, your wants are never ending, do you even know who I am? You asked me to change but I will do so no more…I’ll kindly let go of your hand and I’ll remain the same, while You Change.

Natty ODou

Death… Short story

I was trapped a corner on the stairwell, sixth floor. Bullets tore through my body from his AK47 as I sank down to the floor, dead. Strangely, I somehow willed my sprit to remain in my dead body. Lifting my head I saw him looking at me in terror, gun still in his hand and pointed at my chest. As he emptied his barrel into my body I looked at him and laughed. Pushing the gun away I stood then looked down at my body and smiled.

 I can walk, talk and speak but I feel nothing. My body is just a hard shell. How can this be? How can I be dead but still able to exist in my body? The thought exhilarated me.  My head rose to his sudden outburst of tears. “Why don’t you just run?” I asked. But the look in his eyes told me that he was frozen in terror. He could not move even if he tried.

I walked up to him with a sweet smile on my face, softly touched his cheeks and whispered “I love you.” I then slowly reached down to his shoulders, held both his arms and tore them off tossing them aside as he screamed and fainted in agony.  I then bent, grabbed his leg and lifted him with ease. He looked like a rag doll, weightless to me. I then began swinging his body forward and backwards like one would a golf club, and then I slammed his body into the ground, back and forth again and again smashing his head into the ground until only the neck remained.

Laughing and skipping like a child, I carelessly tossed the rest of his body aside then looked for the exit.

Natty ODou



Head downcast, dressed in all black for the burial, sadness all around…the time for morning is now gone, lift your head and see the life around you, see that life is still within you…you must keep living…feel the breeze on your face, the freshness of the morning as the birds chirp and the sun peaks over the horizon to say hello…take some time to look at the trees as they sway in the breeze waving to you as you pass by…..please LIVE life because eventually we all will die but there are moments when we forget to LIVE.

Natty ODou



…with the chisel in hand I began to work…chipping away at the wall of insanity that became mE… I worked day and night tirelessly as I heard her voice calling out on the other side of my sanity, “try harDer” she pleaded..

I’m almost there my love, I’m trying my best. I caught my breath as I took notice of my hands, cracked and bleeding they cried for relief but I paid them no heed, for the insanity was finally cracking so I must proceed…

“You are not trying hard enoUgh!” she screamed… but I could not reply, for the wall was finally dropping and I needed all my strength to comply…but as the chisel dropped from my torn numb hands I let out a cry…”I’m almost there my love, please don’t let your love die!”…

Natty ODou



Don’t crowd me im fragile…I’m like a fine glass of red wine…in the right setting, i would remain true to you for years to come…I’m a seed freshly planted in teh soil of your world…with the water of your love and the sunrays from your devotion, I will grow to always stand by you, protecting you from the storms of this world to come.

Don’t crowd me i’m fragile…I’ll crack and break if you apply too much presure…pressure from your insecurities…I’m as honest as a child and loyal as a shepherd, so don’t crowd me i’m fragile…i’ll fall into you at the right time, in time.

Natty ODou