My hell is personally charged of my sins, mistakes and pain… 

Sins of the heart and flesh, mistakes made that has inflicted pain on those I love or have once loved… Causing confusion and doubts in the hearts of those I hold dear… 

My hell is the constant uncertainty of my actions, the heart wrenching ache of hopelessness… My hell is the loop of reality in reliving that hell everyday. 
Natty ODou. 




**SPLASH**My body grows tired, my will to fight is beginning to elude me.  

**SPLASH**I feel myself slipping into the ocean…I have no hope for survival so why hold on.  

**SPLASH** As the water covers my head I begin to dream of home…I’m so happy now…but as I begin to take my last breath I’m pulled out of the ocean by strong arms…

“I’m on a boat of some sort” I thought to myself.  As I struggled to open my eyes to see my savior…a voice said “be still, you don’t have to see me to know that I’m here, I have always been near, waiting for you to surrender.”  

As strong arms held me close… I smiles and slept, knowing that I was saved.    

Natty ODou.