I have no tears left the fuel is gone, I’ve broken into the reserve but the tank is empty…. don’t think that the pain is not there it still hurts like hell ….but the heart is now on autopilot trying to protect the pieces that was destroyed in the crash…. Savaging for anything that will get the heart running again. 

Natty ODou


GaY PriDe


I once clothed myself in their shadows, hiding so they wouldn’t see the real me…

I stepped in their shallow footprints to hide my true path…I even spoke their language hoping to persuade them that I belonged in their realm of deluded dreams. 

BUT, today my clothing portrays the colors of the rainbow as I model the different styles of pride, marriage and liberation…

My path is now marked by my footprints that show the brilliance of my true self… this confident, happy, commanding and courageous me…You see, my language is now my own because I speak with the ease of my homosexual breeze.

Natty ODou