You asked me to change
You’re holding us back you said…
You asked me to change for the better so I did…
You said be more compassionate, so I became a humanitarian,
…be more domestically inclined, so I became a maid,
…open up to your inner sexual beast, so I became a pornstar,
…be spontaneous, so I asked you to be my wife.

Yet with all these changes the list keeps growing, your wants are never ending, do you even know who I am? You asked me to change but I will do so no more…I’ll kindly let go of your hand and I’ll remain the same, while You Change.

Natty ODou


Racing wiTH LifE


…yes i know it is hard, but why settle for second place when you can be first? you’ll rather hide your face in the dark when you can shine in the light?

Why run away and hide when you can stand up and fight? then wither and  die instead of living to grow…crying tears of regret when u can begin laughing because there is still hope?

…yes crossing the finish line can be hard, but you have already begun the struggle so why give up now?

Natty Odou