Happy New Year?… 

Why must we keep rehashing the issue? The physical pain I feel is remembrance enough to last a lifetime. I dream the pain I wake up in pain I move in pain I breath pain…. it could of been worse they say, but does that make the pain go away? 

Mentally my walls are cracked my back is broken and I’m not sure how to get my sanity back…. I know the physical will eventually leave but who will fix the mental piece…. 

Dreams of rage of fire of shame, dreams of dying as the shots runs though my brain…. So why must we keep rehashing?….

Forget, I want to forget but how do I achieve that when the chants becomes louder “You deserve it” they say, you know it will never go away it was part of their plan so will you let it stand or will you open your hand and give your dart a chance to calm your heart and dance?

 Pop a pill to ease the pain pop a pill so your dark remains sane ….Now I see that this is why they take their lives and the others too ….the dark is strong and it’s getting stronger… Pop a pill to make it weak will they know that the struggle is real?… No, no because If we continue to tell ourselves that it was us that caused the pain, then we can keep the dark at bay…. “Move slow” don’t listen…”breath calm” don’t listen… “break the restraint” don’t listen….When will it stop?! 


To my wife… 

Do you ovastand that you are my world?  That the sun does not shine brighter in my eyes than you? 

Do you ovastand that you affect my mind my heart and my body by simply existing?

When I think of losing you I think of my world ending, soul being torn out and my body drained of blood tears.

Ovastand that my heart beats with your every smile, pulse races from the look in your eyes and breathing is possible by your presence.
Ovastand that you are and will forever be my soul mate. 

I will always find you like I did in this life and the next.  Death and beyond my Drago.

Natty ODou 

I lay here in my safe bed of anger, hurt and pain, I lay here wondering why they think we’re all the same… My skin is brown my brother’s too,   my hair is woolly and my braids are strewed…. I cry tears of loss, tears of hopeless crimes, my faith is shattered from the constant killing of my time…outlet, I need to find a place in my hearth to breath because my rage at this moment is deadly unreal.
Natty ODou 


I get nervous when I talk, it’s like someone has a gun to my head and is about to pull the trigger. My heart races my pulse quickens and my sweat glands pours my heart out like tears.
I get nervous when I talk, to give you my opinion is like cutting myself and giving you my blood…It’s hard to talk about my feelings, it’s hard to open up, it’s hard to surrender my all.

Natty ODou



AQuackaty quackaty quack
I went outside my hut,
I looked around,
a duck was down,
quackty quackaty quack.

Quackaty quackaty quack,
I bent to fix his flat,
I turned around,
he plucked my brow,
quackaty quackaty quack.

Quackaty quackaty quack,
I blew his brains out flat,
I turned around
And licked my tongue,
Quackaty quackaty quack.

Natty ODou

A Letter FroM WildLife


Humans why are you so insatiable? Why must you continue to take from Mother Nature? Everyday we awake in our borrow surrounded by nature, we breath in the fresh air of our home forest and smile from the sheer beauty and freedom of it…but while hunting for our morning meal we must endanger our lives to cross your manmade roads that is infested with your rolling monsters. I understand that we must all share the earth however you continue to take away more and more of our home. You cut down the trees, dig up our homes and you kill our kind to make more roads for your monsters. When would you be satisfied with what you have? When would you stop taking what little is left of our home? Maybe you will never be satisfied and this note will be lost on the winds, but I pray that one day you will heed our cry and the cry of Mother Nature. 

Natty ODou