Seems like I’m drowning in depression, I cannot stay afloat because the waves of stress is too high to see reality…the pressure from the current of everyday life is too strong, pulling at my emotions like a puppet on a string

I have no lifeboat my only hope is the life raft of my words that holds me afloat for the moment as the thoughts rushes out like air…..seems like I’m drowning, yes I’m drowning.

Natty ODOU



My hell is personally charged of my sins, mistakes and pain… 

Sins of the heart and flesh, mistakes made that has inflicted pain on those I love or have once loved… Causing confusion and doubts in the hearts of those I hold dear… 

My hell is the constant uncertainty of my actions, the heart wrenching ache of hopelessness… My hell is the loop of reality in reliving that hell everyday. 
Natty ODou. 


I get nervous when I talk, it’s like someone has a gun to my head and is about to pull the trigger. My heart races my pulse quickens and my sweat glands pours my heart out like tears.
I get nervous when I talk, to give you my opinion is like cutting myself and giving you my blood…It’s hard to talk about my feelings, it’s hard to open up, it’s hard to surrender my all.

Natty ODou



AQuackaty quackaty quack
I went outside my hut,
I looked around,
a duck was down,
quackty quackaty quack.

Quackaty quackaty quack,
I bent to fix his flat,
I turned around,
he plucked my brow,
quackaty quackaty quack.

Quackaty quackaty quack,
I blew his brains out flat,
I turned around
And licked my tongue,
Quackaty quackaty quack.

Natty ODou



My heart is tearing…**RIP** …I look into your face filled with the look of betrayal **RIP**your lips are covered with a thick coating of goodbyes **RIP ** I open my fingers to let the pieces of my heart fall to your feet, then I turn and walk away. Looking over my shoulder I cringe as I watch you walk over the pieces of my heart…my chest begins to burn and my heart gives up…sinking slowly to my death I close my eyes and whisper “I truly love you.”

Natty ODou

Don’t StOP


By Natty ODou

To my heart,
Please don’t stop beating, your presence keeps me grounded, the sound of your humming soothes my rage
My heart, please don’t stop smiling, you make my life worth living feeding my soul from your glowing energy
Please do t stop, my heart…please.

Natty ODou.



I didn’t want it, it was you who asked for the ride and I complied…I didn’t want it, you said it was right and I said you may be right…I didn’t want it, now it’s here to stay and I want to run away…Hell, I didn’t want it, you said it’s my fault but did you not read the clause? I said that I didn’t want it.

Natty ODou