Dance ….

Your body moving to the beat each movement pulls at my libido as I gaze at your beautiful marks like tribal paintings winking as you slowly caress every note with your body ….”ah see yo”…tattoos moving with your flow of precision…”ah wah yo”…feet planted firmly on the ground to support your brown stems as your breast sway and move to the flow of the force of your sexual essence…. do you know what you’re doing to me? do you know my resolve is waning? My heart skips as you turn my way and smile …..yes, you know I’m looking you feel my tension …I’m holding myself back…. be careful my dear Queen because my “duna” flowing ….still moving that luscious body “aban, byama, uruwa” I count your movements… yes I feel your energy I’m connected to your being like I am to myself…I feel you I know you I taste you on my lips my love… my wife, my Queen “neigubá”

Natty ODou




Swimming, I  can feel the waves caressing my body as they wash over my limbs, touching the innermost depths of places i never knew existed…hmmmm… warmed by the heat of the  body, moving with the rythym of the tides…eCstaSy as the waves break away from the depths of my soul crashing against my mind….hmmmm she gives me life.

Natty ODou



Don’t crowd me im fragile…I’m like a fine glass of red wine…in the right setting, i would remain true to you for years to come…I’m a seed freshly planted in teh soil of your world…with the water of your love and the sunrays from your devotion, I will grow to always stand by you, protecting you from the storms of this world to come.

Don’t crowd me i’m fragile…I’ll crack and break if you apply too much presure…pressure from your insecurities…I’m as honest as a child and loyal as a shepherd, so don’t crowd me i’m fragile…i’ll fall into you at the right time, in time.

Natty ODou

ChocolAte DrEam


In a haze I began to drift thinking that it’s the finest sculpture I’ve ever seen, the lines of definition are so intense that I get lost in the wonder of the details…

…tracing the delicate smooth chocolate profile with my hands…I begin to wonder how such a sculpture even exist? The eyes are so intense that they make me bend a knee in submission… lips so perfectly set that they cause me to wonder… what’s next?…

Curiosity won as my trembling hands dare to touch this chocolate dream…fingertips stroking cheek, neck…my hands continue their exploration then my lips became jealous and began seeking the same pleasure…with hands and lips now synchronized the journey continues.

It’s the most exquisite sculpture I’ve ever felt…Shoulders a perfectly curved, breasts ripe and soft yet firm and molded into perfection…tilting my head in adoration my lips shiver with desire

“HELLO? Baby can you hear me?” The sculpture spoke to me! But how is this possible?

…suddenly as my head cleared and I came back to reality, I realized that I was sitting in my den, then I began shaking my head in amazement at my delicious daydream…

As I look into the eyes of my living chocolate sculpture, I’m tempted to steal a taste…but I’ll wait for the right moment because this tantalizing carving is truly worth the enjoyable torture of anticipation.

Natty ODou


Vo.. iCe


…And how can a voice invoke such emotions?

POWER… It’s like “Opium” causing one to experience elation…the brain only knows the pleasure that this voice has caused as the tone becomes one with the “PLEASURE enhancing endorphins”…Hmmm… your senses becomes overwhelmed by the multiple signals the brain is producing…now you’re floating on a pleasure cloud…

REALITY hits when the voice is gone and the high is subdued, but the memory of that wonderful feeling never leaves…

INSIDE you crave for the voice, waiting for the next sound to occur…

LONGING for that peak that would once again summon those splendid emotions…But really, how can a voice invoke such emotions?

Natty ODou

MaKe mE


You make me so very happy, like a child at play in the new fallen snow…making me skip and sing your name while clapping my hands in glee.

You make me steam like a volcano about to explode, causing the lava to flow devouring all you have to offer.

You make me go wild like a Beagle, driven by your exciting scent…making me want to bath in your fragrance letting you enter my pores so I would never be away from the perfume of you.

You make me feel, you make me dream…

DAMN you make me!!…YES baby, you make me.

Natty ODou


Still TrYing?

imageMy flavor is very distinct and intricate that it cannot be duplicated…even after they have studied me closely one always seem to miss several key ingredients… They seem to forget that my spices are untamed, found only on the island of ME… my juices are pure, squeezed from the trees grown only in the garden of my being ….even the colors of my rainbow has a natural glow that cannot be dimmed by the raging of your hurricane…So don’t attempt to duplicate what you see because even if you try, you will never be me.

Natty Odou