I am many…yet I am few, the shell of one, the body of them.

My interests varies from A to Z, my style is multicolor with a black base… So who am I?

I am me.

I am not defined by your standards, my complex ways may appear indecisive but keep in mind that this body is just a shell…if broken, I will not be able to contain the many that dwells within…they will all become their own person which will bring about chaos…so this shell will remain intact as I continue to skip and dance in new adventures determine to occupy the many sides of me… because my days and nights never ends.

Natty ODou



I have no tears left the fuel is gone, I’ve broken into the reserve but the tank is empty…. don’t think that the pain is not there it still hurts like hell ….but the heart is now on autopilot trying to protect the pieces that was destroyed in the crash…. Savaging for anything that will get the heart running again. 

Natty ODou

Just Saying #9

I’m not her!
Her walk lead you to a rocky path, her music turned your words to lava with a different kind of spark. I’m not her.
I skip to a different tune and jump to a different beat, can’t you see I’m not her? So if my skip becomes a stroll that she may have stole or my jump reminds you of a joke she told, just remember my dear, I’m still not her.

Natty ODou

WhaT are you woRtH?


Step 1: Think about someone from your past who you loved with all your heart…now write their name down and the exact emotions of love and/or lust that they invoked in you. Also, list the qualities that you loved about that person.

Step 2: Think about someone in your present life who makes you feel about the same and even more…do the same thing, write it down.

Step 3: Think about what you would want in your future person but do not give this person a name, face or title. This person should just be made of emotions and qualities…write it down.

Step 4: Take the paper with your notes and erase the names, now add random genders in their place and give the paper to the present person in your life.

Step 5: Sit and observe their reaction…do they smile? Are they confident that you’re speaking about them or do they ask who it is you’re speaking of? Do they throw a temper tantrum or act out in a negative way?

After answering those questions, what do you think about the current person in your life? Do they have all the qualities you seek? Can they invoke those emotions you once felt, do they possess the qualities you desire?

How would you know?

The Outcome: If that person knows that they are incapable of possessing those qualities and involking those emotions, then their reaction would be negative.

So just sit back and watch their reaction, listen to their comments about your words and you be the judge…Just follow your instincts, remember that only you know what you’re worth.

 Natty ODou