The crows are coming they want your life,

The crows are coming this very night.

They ask that you accept your fate,

They ask that you open the gate.

The crows are wise they know your thoughts, they know the code to break your heart.

Don’t be afraid there’re not to blame, take note of their shadows, we’re all the same.

Natty ODou.


I’m use to it…

I’m use to it…At times the silence is deafening but it has now become my companion…

I’m use to it…The cold is numbing but my heart no longer yearns for the warmth of you…

My bed is a coffin of wonder where I dream of things I may never see, a red sky  with falling bones and clouds of rotting flesh…I’m use to it…

I live in the comfort of my own world where my imagination and my dreams are my pacifier…would you not join us?

I smile as I listen to myself converse while listening to those beautiful soothing melodies we so love to sing…I’m use to it…The many sides of me, the good the bad, the loving, the beautiful, the hated and the ugly…I’m use to it…I’m use to being me.

 Natty ODou


Pouring down, blood rain is pouring down…I turn my face towards the sky to taste the sweet nectar on my tongue….smiling as I remembered the cause of this joyous occasion…your pain, my hands… your bleeding heart in my palm of my hands…rain is pouring down…blood rain is pouring down.

Natty ODou


I hate you, every time I see you I become sick to my stomach, you are like a plague that refuse to leave, you’re a sore that hurts when I least expect it, like a virus that shows no mercy killing everything in its path.

I hate you, you have ruined my life and my dreams…now you take the one thing that my heart desires the most…my saNity. I hate you, I would be rid of you… I would be rid of you even if it means that I suffer for awhile longer.

I hate you and soon you will be out of my life forever…my Demon.

Natty ODou

Just Saying # 7


Laying alone in the dark with just your thoughts as your companion can be a very dangerous thing…thoughts of eVerything and noThing, gOOd and bAd  all mixed together trapped in your head…iNteNsity, cOnfuSion, hEartAcHe and PAin, but loVe and haTe are one in the same… Yes, laying in the dark can be a very dangerous thing.

Natty ODou



The dark is welcoming, it promises safety and rest…pulling your heart tighter and tighter to the point of explosion

The dark is welcoming, it allows you to ponder your life that is lived in the light, the life that drives you to the darkness where you can hide from the pain and torment of life’s light…where you can SCrEAm and FiGHt the demons of your life.

The dark is welcoming, it takes you away from sanity…Now you can be free to fall into the darkness, the welcoming darkness of the UN-LiFe.

 Natty ODou

We are…


I feel them in every inch of my being, crawling over my skin, entering every opening that their gruesome little bodies can detect. They are like worms… they repulse me yet fascinate me..

I hear them, they whisper havoc in my ears and my head… the sound of their voices are like screeching tires that causes me to cringe.

I understand the things they say but I ignore them because they don’t belong here…so why wouldn’t they leave?

They poison my soul and my life like sulfur, causing my heart to blacken and my sprit to hide in shame…

Now I hear them whispering amongst themselves “she has had enough,” yet  they would not leave!… I hear them and I will forever hear them, because we are one.

Natty ODou