A Letter FroM WildLife


Humans why are you so insatiable? Why must you continue to take from Mother Nature? Everyday we awake in our borrow surrounded by nature, we breath in the fresh air of our home forest and smile from the sheer beauty and freedom of it…but while hunting for our morning meal we must endanger our lives to cross your manmade roads that is infested with your rolling monsters. I understand that we must all share the earth however you continue to take away more and more of our home. You cut down the trees, dig up our homes and you kill our kind to make more roads for your monsters. When would you be satisfied with what you have? When would you stop taking what little is left of our home? Maybe you will never be satisfied and this note will be lost on the winds, but I pray that one day you will heed our cry and the cry of Mother Nature. 

Natty ODou