Just Saying #8 …..Stone CoLd


…when there is no one to turn to when you feel like your heart is about to explode and your brain will fry, what can you do?
Some turn to religion, others take their lives but most turn to drugs…yet the problems just go on…So when there is no where to turn what do you do…

Natty ODou



Do you really think that our roads are the same?
…your road was paved with untainted tar, the obstacles of life were uprooted and your vision was enhanced by the carefully installed light poles of guidance.

…my road was never maintained, it was left with the many potholes of life. The light that was left to lead you simply does not exist on mine. My road has always been dark… where I was left to stumble, hoping to find my way to a peaceful destination.

So don’t judge me by using your road as a guide, we all travel different parts in life. Move over and let me complete my journey because in the end, this plight is my struggle… it is my fight.

Natty ODou.

“I Do”

As one waits for the right person to enter their lives, they keep their hearts on standby. Some hoping, others praying for that one true love to materialize.

But one fails to realize that their one true love is already there…Your one true love is YOU.

“I take myself to be my one and only true love, I vow never to break my heart and always be true to myself in sickness, in health and even beyond the grave when my life eventually ends. I Love me. MUAH!

Natty ODou