I’m your puppet with my limbs moving by  the strings of your voice
I’m a Lamb herded in any direction from your persuasive touch
I’m a mime trapped in this invisible house that you call love …
…I’m a ghost, now you see me, now you don’t.

Natty ODou



Pouring down, blood rain is pouring down…I turn my face towards the sky to taste the sweet nectar on my tongue….smiling as I remembered the cause of this joyous occasion…your pain, my hands… your bleeding heart in my palm of my hands…rain is pouring down…blood rain is pouring down.

Natty ODou



Don’t crowd me im fragile…I’m like a fine glass of red wine…in the right setting, i would remain true to you for years to come…I’m a seed freshly planted in teh soil of your world…with the water of your love and the sunrays from your devotion, I will grow to always stand by you, protecting you from the storms of this world to come.

Don’t crowd me i’m fragile…I’ll crack and break if you apply too much presure…pressure from your insecurities…I’m as honest as a child and loyal as a shepherd, so don’t crowd me i’m fragile…i’ll fall into you at the right time, in time.

Natty ODou

WhaT are you woRtH?


Step 1: Think about someone from your past who you loved with all your heart…now write their name down and the exact emotions of love and/or lust that they invoked in you. Also, list the qualities that you loved about that person.

Step 2: Think about someone in your present life who makes you feel about the same and even more…do the same thing, write it down.

Step 3: Think about what you would want in your future person but do not give this person a name, face or title. This person should just be made of emotions and qualities…write it down.

Step 4: Take the paper with your notes and erase the names, now add random genders in their place and give the paper to the present person in your life.

Step 5: Sit and observe their reaction…do they smile? Are they confident that you’re speaking about them or do they ask who it is you’re speaking of? Do they throw a temper tantrum or act out in a negative way?

After answering those questions, what do you think about the current person in your life? Do they have all the qualities you seek? Can they invoke those emotions you once felt, do they possess the qualities you desire?

How would you know?

The Outcome: If that person knows that they are incapable of possessing those qualities and involking those emotions, then their reaction would be negative.

So just sit back and watch their reaction, listen to their comments about your words and you be the judge…Just follow your instincts, remember that only you know what you’re worth.

 Natty ODou


I hate you, every time I see you I become sick to my stomach, you are like a plague that refuse to leave, you’re a sore that hurts when I least expect it, like a virus that shows no mercy killing everything in its path.

I hate you, you have ruined my life and my dreams…now you take the one thing that my heart desires the most…my saNity. I hate you, I would be rid of you… I would be rid of you even if it means that I suffer for awhile longer.

I hate you and soon you will be out of my life forever…my Demon.

Natty ODou

Just Saying # 7


Laying alone in the dark with just your thoughts as your companion can be a very dangerous thing…thoughts of eVerything and noThing, gOOd and bAd  all mixed together trapped in your head…iNteNsity, cOnfuSion, hEartAcHe and PAin, but loVe and haTe are one in the same… Yes, laying in the dark can be a very dangerous thing.

Natty ODou



I begin to forget as I sit here drowning myself in this red river, thinking about how I was brought to this place of unrest, indecisiveness, pain and contempt…
…I’m drowning to relieve the pressure in my heart and forget…
…let me drown so I can forget where I am, let me drown so I can wallow in the fog…
…reaching for my fifth bottle of red wine I stopped in midair, my head sinking deeper into the river… I’m drowning.

Natty Odou