ChocolAte DrEam


In a haze I began to drift thinking that it’s the finest sculpture I’ve ever seen, the lines of definition are so intense that I get lost in the wonder of the details…

…tracing the delicate smooth chocolate profile with my hands…I begin to wonder how such a sculpture even exist? The eyes are so intense that they make me bend a knee in submission… lips so perfectly set that they cause me to wonder… what’s next?…

Curiosity won as my trembling hands dare to touch this chocolate dream…fingertips stroking cheek, neck…my hands continue their exploration then my lips became jealous and began seeking the same pleasure…with hands and lips now synchronized the journey continues.

It’s the most exquisite sculpture I’ve ever felt…Shoulders a perfectly curved, breasts ripe and soft yet firm and molded into perfection…tilting my head in adoration my lips shiver with desire

“HELLO? Baby can you hear me?” The sculpture spoke to me! But how is this possible?

…suddenly as my head cleared and I came back to reality, I realized that I was sitting in my den, then I began shaking my head in amazement at my delicious daydream…

As I look into the eyes of my living chocolate sculpture, I’m tempted to steal a taste…but I’ll wait for the right moment because this tantalizing carving is truly worth the enjoyable torture of anticipation.

Natty ODou





The dark is welcoming, it promises safety and rest…pulling your heart tighter and tighter to the point of explosion

The dark is welcoming, it allows you to ponder your life that is lived in the light, the life that drives you to the darkness where you can hide from the pain and torment of life’s light…where you can SCrEAm and FiGHt the demons of your life.

The dark is welcoming, it takes you away from sanity…Now you can be free to fall into the darkness, the welcoming darkness of the UN-LiFe.

 Natty ODou

Let Go


I keep hearing the words, Let go…

The rope is caught on the edge of the cliff…I’m dangling off the side hoping you’ll save me

Let go!

I grab on tighter to the rope as it begins to slip through my fingers

Let go!

I look down and see the ocean beneath me beautiful and calm as it glisten in the sunlight

Let go!

My arms are numb and the rope continue to slip from my grasp

Let go!

I look up into your eyes as tears roll down my face…DAMN!! You’re really not trying to rescue me…the knowledge caused a pain so intense that it was enough to make me finally hear you…so I Let Go..

Falling into the arms of the ocean with a smiling tear stained face…I think to myself…Yes my love I heard you…I Let go.

Natty ODou

To my Friend on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is not only for lovers it’s also for friends…Happy Valentine’s day my friend, thank you for being there for me even through the raging storms of life…holding my hands and drying my tears when my heart ached to the point of shredding…Happy Valentine’s day my friend you will forever have my love, trust and I will always have your back…Valentine’s day is not only for lovers it’s also for you my friend.

Natty ODou



We are fools…fools for love blinded by what we think is there but in reality is nothing but a figment of our clouded imagination.

We are fools…fools for hope, hoping for that one special thing, person or moment, thinking that only then would our lives be ”just right” and we will win the ultimate prize. 

We are fools…fools for time, thinking that it is ours to command, deluding ourselves into doing as we choose when in fact we are just dancers to a song of another’s tune.

We are fools…fools for thinking that we know what we truly don’t, fools for thinking that the fools are not us.

 Natty Odou



Vo.. iCe


…And how can a voice invoke such emotions?

POWER… It’s like “Opium” causing one to experience elation…the brain only knows the pleasure that this voice has caused as the tone becomes one with the “PLEASURE enhancing endorphins”…Hmmm… your senses becomes overwhelmed by the multiple signals the brain is producing…now you’re floating on a pleasure cloud…

REALITY hits when the voice is gone and the high is subdued, but the memory of that wonderful feeling never leaves…

INSIDE you crave for the voice, waiting for the next sound to occur…

LONGING for that peak that would once again summon those splendid emotions…But really, how can a voice invoke such emotions?

Natty ODou