Still TrYing?

imageMy flavor is very distinct and intricate that it cannot be duplicated…even after they have studied me closely one always seem to miss several key ingredients… They seem to forget that my spices are untamed, found only on the island of ME… my juices are pure, squeezed from the trees grown only in the garden of my being ….even the colors of my rainbow has a natural glow that cannot be dimmed by the raging of your hurricane…So don’t attempt to duplicate what you see because even if you try, you will never be me.

Natty Odou



imageThe virus is you…
I’m infected with the memory of your beautiful face…eyes that see what most cannot detect, moist lips that calls to the spirit within my very soul coaxing the essence from my pores…

I’m infected with the sound of your enthralling voice that echoes in my head day and night like the sweet sure strokes from a beautifully stung violin

The virus is you…the sweet infectious thought and longing for you

Yes, the virus is you …the powerful, rich, intense longing of you

Natty ODou