Just saying # 5


Birds were given wings so they could fly,
Trees are fed water so they can grow,
I acquire knowledge so I can conquer,
I will succeed.

Natty ODou


What is the TRuTH?


T…your Tender words caressed me with the promise of safety

R…as I Ran to you, you opened the gates of your heart and sheltered me from the cold

U…you Understood the pain I felt as I wrestled with the many ghosts from my past

T…as our Time passed together I fell hopelessly in love with your bravery and honesty

H…you Held my heart in the palm of your hands while I surrendered myself to you, body, soul, heart and mind

…But the TRUTH is that you deceived me with the illusions of beauty, promises and love. You took my heart and branded it with a lie. Your TRUTH has now become the burden of my heart…that is the TRUTH.

Natty ODou

Racing wiTH LifE


…yes i know it is hard, but why settle for second place when you can be first? you’ll rather hide your face in the dark when you can shine in the light?

Why run away and hide when you can stand up and fight? then wither and  die instead of living to grow…crying tears of regret when u can begin laughing because there is still hope?

…yes crossing the finish line can be hard, but you have already begun the struggle so why give up now?

Natty Odou



You are beautiful, the mind that develops within you links itself to your senses allowing your limbs to move with the sensuality and ease of this promised enchantment…

You are radiant, the beauty shines through your pores giving your face the glow of an angel, when you smile your lips relay the message from within “I love you mother.”

You are blessed my queen… so keep shining mother, keep shining.

Natty ODou