LoSt SenSeS


…it was dark when my senses ran off with her to the other side of insanity…. I tried to catch it but it kept on running, smiling and joking while holding her hand.

…terrified for its safety, I ran on hoping to reach it before it was too late. Finally when I caught up to it, it was  wrapped in her arms while she hypnotized it with her lies of the heart…hurriedly  I shouted it’s name but my beloved senses stared at me blankly, I knew then  that it was too late because it had already forgotten who I was.

Natty ODou




As I look and deeply ponder,
Weary weary yes I wonder,
Why the sorrow, the burning, the flutters,
Of a heart I barely know?
But wait is it so?
A heart I know and not a foe?

A chill of air I feel so clearly,
Who or what I do not see,
Yet sadly I know that this must be,
The toll that life has taken over me.

Natty ODou

Giving Thanks


I asked for joy in my life and you gave me more than my hearts desire…

Thank you for the sunshine you’ve placed in my life, she keeps a smile on my face awake and in dream-state, flawlessly providing and protecting, never failing to remind me how much I’m loved.

Thank you for my gift of life, they are beautiful children who has shown me the true meaning of family, bringing warmth when the world seem so cold, their innocence is a refreshing rainbow in my sky.

Thank you for this unique family of mine, thank you for giving me the world.

Natty ODou 



The coin has two sides, one side is called truth the other is called lies.

When the coin is thrown to you, which side would captivate you as it lands?  

First, think of the direction from which the coin was thrown.  Then remember the different changes it made as it turned and lies overlapped truth…

…so as you reach out to receive the coin, keep in mind to examine both sides closely because one can easily be confused with the other.    

Natty Odou.