Dance ….

Your body moving to the beat each movement pulls at my libido as I gaze at your beautiful marks like tribal paintings winking as you slowly caress every note with your body ….”ah see yo”…tattoos moving with your flow of precision…”ah wah yo”…feet planted firmly on the ground to support your brown stems as your breast sway and move to the flow of the force of your sexual essence…. do you know what you’re doing to me? do you know my resolve is waning? My heart skips as you turn my way and smile …..yes, you know I’m looking you feel my tension …I’m holding myself back…. be careful my dear Queen because my “duna” flowing ….still moving that luscious body “aban, byama, uruwa” I count your movements… yes I feel your energy I’m connected to your being like I am to myself…I feel you I know you I taste you on my lips my love… my wife, my Queen “neigubá”

Natty ODou



Seems like I’m drowning in depression, I cannot stay afloat because the waves of stress is too high to see reality…the pressure from the current of everyday life is too strong, pulling at my emotions like a puppet on a string

I have no lifeboat my only hope is the life raft of my words that holds me afloat for the moment as the thoughts rushes out like air…..seems like I’m drowning, yes I’m drowning.

Natty ODOU

The Puzzle

I remember being in the basement listening to music when my mom walked down the stairs telling me to play a particular song once my dad pulled into the driveway….our house was built to their liking over 2 decades ago where one can enter the basement by way of the hidden door connected to the 4 car garage. Shrugging my shoulders I simply said “ok” as I got up to find the selected song she wanted.

After finding the song, I heard my pops rolled into the driveway blasting his favorite Oldies music…so being the obedient teen I was, I grabbed the remote and began blasting the song my mom wanted me to play…only one verse stuck out up to this day, it was “how could you play me like this? my heart is torn to pieces”…at that time my pops entered the side door into the basement, I can tell that he was flustered, I don’t even think he noticed me sitting in the game room around the corner from the side door because he didn’t give me my usual line “how was my princess today?” No, he didn’t even spare me a glance, instead he walked to the hidden drawer at the bottom of the staircase and pulled out his pistol…

Like clockwork the door on the first floor opened, my dad reacted by rounding the bottom of the stairs, aimed his pistol and fired one shot towards the top of the stairs …..I heard a gasp as our housekeepers body roll down the flight of stairs, I was so occupied by watching her body that I didn’t even see when my mom made her way halfway down the stairs I looked up and she was there with her gun in hand aimed at pops forehead *POP!* then my dad was laying on the floor next to the housekeepers body.

Tears were streaming down my face I felt like I was in a bad dream…mom looked at me with a sad smile then said “call 911” as she calmly walked back upstairs with the gun in her hand and a smile on her face.

Natty ODOU

Rainbow in the Valley

By DD O’Garro

This is totally not my regular post but this book is based from my beautiful island of ST.Vincent ! I just wanted to share with you all. The writer is also from ST.Vincent and took the time create a balance between history and fantasy in its perfection. DD O’Garro is an amazing writer. Thank you for this piece of home.

This book can be found on Amazon!

Natty ODou


We are all we have, we are all we know, we are all we need….

When our hearts bleed for hope and justice, when our brains scream for the clarification of injustice….we turn to eachother, we turn to our brothers and sisters for STRENGTH, for HEALING, for HOPE….

When tears run dry and hopes are shattered we look up to our God our ansestors our spiritual entity .…Whoever we pray too or see as our savior we cry to you and we pray for PEACE. One Love.

Natty ODou.


I am many…yet I am few, the shell of one, the body of them.

My interests varies from A to Z, my style is multicolor with a black base… So who am I?

I am me.

I am not defined by your standards, my complex ways may appear indecisive but keep in mind that this body is just a shell…if broken, I will not be able to contain the many that dwells within…they will all become their own person which will bring about chaos…so this shell will remain intact as I continue to skip and dance in new adventures determine to occupy the many sides of me… because my days and nights never ends.

Natty ODou


My hell is personally charged of my sins, mistakes and pain… 

Sins of the heart and flesh, mistakes made that has inflicted pain on those I love or have once loved… Causing confusion and doubts in the hearts of those I hold dear… 

My hell is the constant uncertainty of my actions, the heart wrenching ache of hopelessness… My hell is the loop of reality in reliving that hell everyday. 
Natty ODou.